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Welcome To David Chang Music

I help serious adult amateurs progress towards their goals as quickly as possible while preserving the highest quality of playing. My students often accomplish in 6-12 months what would have taken 3-5 years otherwise.

Not only will you learn how to play with the utmost musicality and expression… you will transform your strategy, mindset, and independence with the most efficient, effective practice methods possible. Learn more about how my unique methodologies make this a reality.

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A Word From David’s Students

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I started taking lessons with David in January 2021 and it was by far one of the best decisions that I've ever made. David is not only one of the best music teachers that I've ever had, he's also one of the best teachers that I've had in any subject -ever…In a short amount of time I was able to play my first piece Comptine d'un autre ete and starting on my next piece Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata.

Anthony C.Student
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I feel so lucky I was able to have David as my teacher. He was able to help me learn Liebestraum no. 3 right from our first lesson. This was a piece I thought I wouldn’t be able to play until I had taken lessons for 5 + years. He was able to help me get about 1/3 of the way through the piece in a month which was much faster than I ever anticipated.

Lauren D.Student
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I was looking for a piano teacher to help me get started again after a 10 year hiatus and I’m so glad I found David! I’m just 6 months in, and he was able to get me to perfection with my first goal piece. David brings a unique methodology that has helped me advance in my piano playing faster than I ever thought I could. Through my practice with him, I’ve learned more about piano theory, practice techniques, and classical music than I did in ten years of playing as a child.

Miryam A.Student
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Go For the Goal Immediately

Take a moment now to think of your dream piece or goal piece - the music you’ve always wanted to be able to play at the piano.

If you don’t have one, think of your favorite artists, movies, shows, games, or anything else you love that contains music.

If you could snap your fingers and play any piece in the world instantly… think of what that might be for you.

Did you know it’s possible for us to start working on that piece by the third lesson?

And to be clear, this is not a play-by-ear, chord-based, or pattern-based approach… As you might know, there are methods out there that allow you to play a lot of easy, nice-sounding versions of pieces quite quickly.

Instead, this is learning a real, unsimplified piece of any genre directly from sheet music.

I won’t lie - to play a true goal piece with high-level musicality will take six months to a year to complete. But this piece is one that you normally wouldn’t even start until after several years of method books, scales, theory, and finger exercises!

So, I’m truly not exaggerating when I say that I’ve found a way to help students to learn piano 3x to 5x faster than normal!



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Over 20 Years of Excellence

I have helped piano students of all ages and abilities for over 20 years and have developed my unique learning methodologies for over 15 years. Regardless of age, level, or learning style, my methods have a universal power as they are rooted in science and logic.

Maximize Speed, Quality, and Independence

I teach students how to learn and memorize with maximum speed, quality, and independence so they can make the most out of every moment of their own practice time. Students can then practice in the most efficient, effective way possible even away from the teacher.

I also show students how to develop the utmost awareness of the music; how to attain true virtuosity - speed, accuracy, and control in all situations; how to conquer all technical difficulties; and how to plan even the most intricate and nuanced of musical details.

We do this by going to a level of detail that is almost inconceivable to the average person. We then think and problem-solve in a way that is currently not taught by any other teacher, book, or resource in the world.

Ultimate Practical Performance Training

Playing for yourself is one thing, but performing for friends, famly, and peers is another.

I offer highly specialized performance training for how to handle nerves, how to maintain repertoire, how to perform for anybody on any instrument under any conditions, how to make performance more consistent in general, and how to use performances to continuously boost one’s level.

Joining my studio gives you access to recitals, studio classes, strategic teams, and many other opportunities to perform for others both in person and online. You will also have numerous opportunities to receive feedback from other members of the studio.

Even More Secrets to Great Progress

Discover transformative, practical secrets for how to play with great musical expression, how to play with and derive great technique, how to assimilate music theory concepts rapidly, how to greatly accelerate learning of scales and arpeggios, and much more.

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My Brooklyn Piano Studio Location

I teach from my studio at 550 Vanderbilt Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11238. Located between Atlantic Avenue and Dean Street, my studio is walkable from the Bergen Street bus station, the Fulton Street bus stop, Atlantic Terminal, and the Barclays Center. There are also many subway stations within walking distance of my studio. Grab coffee at Ciao, Gloria, ice cream at Van Leeuwen (both part of my actual building), or lunch at Alta Calidad or Chuko before and after your lesson! There are an enormous number of restaurants and coffee shops near here.

The studio is right in the heart of Prospect Heights. I serve students from Clinton Hill, Boerum Hill, Williamsburg, elsewhere in Brooklyn, all over Manhattan, and all five boroughs of NYC. I have had students drive over 2 hours to get to me as well as students

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Piano Lessons For Adults in Brooklyn

My piano students come from all walks of life, but they tend to be ambitious professionals seeking to enrich their lives through their love of music and the piano. Their personal goals and desired outcomes are always top priority.

My students are aware that there’s nothing more valuable than time. That’s why they come to me to advance with the greatest possible efficiency and quality.

Peer-To-Peer Learning + Performance Opportunities

When you join my piano studio, you are entering a community of driven, collaborative individuals. We meet both on Zoom and in-person at my studio to train critical listening and thinking, revolutionize strategy and mindset, and sharpen our performance abilities.

We also hold two online recitals and one in-person recital a year. The in-person recital may be at the world-famous Steinway Hall or another local high-end performance venue. Remote students can also travel to NYC to participate.

Many adults have expressed that they cherish our one-of-a-kind community and the opportunity to collaborate, perform, socialize, and work together towards their goals throughout the year.

Student-Centered Methods

Your personal goals and needs are of the very highest importance. If you are apprehensive about performing in front of others and wish to be able to do so, we will work on that together. If you want to read music more fluently, we can focus on that. And if you struggle with tension or technical issues while playing demanding music, I’ll definitely be able to help you. Custom planning for each student can be implemented either right from the start or at any time as desired.

Conquer the Impossible

Learn top-level and large-scale strategic planning and thinking for the most complex and intricate of objectives as well as transformational mindset training for motivation, discipline, and the achievement of seemingly impossible goals.

Discover how to think differently from everyone else, solve problems in entirely new ways, completely redesign and rethink every assumption from the ground up, and transform your practicing and life.

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I would be happy to chat with any interested student for 30-90 minutes at no charge. After discussing your goals, I’ll formulate a strategy with you for reaching them as rapidly as possible. I’m also happy to answer any and all questions that you have. Simply click the button to get in touch.

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