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Read more about my two lesson formats below. If you would like to proceed, please send me a note so we can schedule your initial consultation.

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Strategic Teams

Students meet weekly at my studio or online in teams of up to five. Both 90-minute and 2-hour teams are offered. This is my most popular lesson option and admission is contingent upon an interview.

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Elite 1-to-1 Private Coaching

In a few select cases, I work with students each week on a 1-to-1 basis (depending on your interview and other factors). Suitable candidates tend to be highly successful in their careers and tend to strive for excellence in everything that they do.

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More Info About My Strategic Teams

This is my main lesson program in which students revolutionize both strategy and mindset to move towards their goal pieces with the greatest possible speed, quality, and independence. The vast majority of students will be placed in my strategic teams.

What to expect:

  • Weekly collaboration with peers
  • Independent practice where every student can work on goals every bit as serious and ambitious as in private lessons
  • teams of up to five or six people
  • A complete transformation of strategy and mindset in learning the piano
  • The extremely rapid acquisition of independence from the teacher
  • Highly specialized performance training

Here, it is possible for students to have both weekly collaboration and completely independent practice on their own pieces and goals regardless of student level! The teams are ultimately both the most appropriate and most powerful option for almost everyone.

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More Info About Elite 1-to-1 Private Coaching

A very small number of especially serious students may decide to invest in private coaching instead if they are accepted to this program. Acceptance is based on an interview. In these sessions, every moment of the lesson is custom-tailored for maximum efficiency and quality for you specifically. In the event that we determine this is a possible option, you may meet with me in my Brooklyn studio or online.

What to expect:

  • You will be one of 5 or fewer private students I retain at any given time
  • You will of course revolutionize your strategy and mindset to move towards your goal pieces with the greatest possible speed, quality, and independence just as in my strategic teams.
  • This option is best suited for those with irregular schedules, those who value absolute privacy in their process, those who have extremely atypical goals and needs, and those who practice abnormally large amounts.
  • You greatly increase your chances of acceptance if you meet one or more of the following criteria: you play at a very high level already, you have a huge amount of past experience, you are a piano teacher yourself, you submit a video demonstrating your best playing, you practice an abnormally large amount, and/or you are extremely passionate about the piano and about advancing as quickly as possible. It is still possible for beginner and intermediate students to be accepted if some of these latter criteria are met.
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