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Music and Piano Camps For Adults in 2022

house David Chang Mar 25, 2022

Music camps aren’t just for kids - camps or workshops can be a great opportunity for adults to network, meet other aspiring musicians, and improve on their chosen instrument. Music can be like a language in that immersive learning with others usually yields greater results than solo practice.

Here are a few benefits of attending a summer music camp for adults (non-exhaustive):

  • Meet other musicians your age
  • Be inspired by the abilities or progress your peers are making
  • Learn from high level professors, producers, or other industry professionals
  • Enjoy practice time, masterclasses, and live performances

In short, music camps can be a music-related vacation for busy professionals or retired adults. Keep reading for a few music camp opportunities.

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Music Camp Opportunities For Adults in 2022

Sonatina, a Piano Camp For Adults

One fascinating opportunity for adults is Sonatina, a piano camp that has been operating for over six decades. You may choose from five or eight day camps, and you will be one of 10-15 pianists - no other instruments are included. Your week will include private lessons, masterclasses, happy hours and meals, and classes. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this Vermont-based camp is that you will play in ensembles with up to eight pianists. That’s not an opportunity you receive every day! Tuition is close to $3K for the all-inclusive experience.

When: Camps held throughout the year

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Pianophoria! At the Bloomingdale School of Music

This six-day program located in the Upper West Side of NYC helps pianists overcome stage fright. While students do enjoy several lessons, masterclasses, discussion forums, and other experiences throughout the week, the main “calling card” of this program is the opportunity to perform for and with one another - this feeling should become normal. It’s much like the student performance classes at David Chang Music - adult students learn to get comfortable sharing their music with others.

When: Late June through Early July

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Piano Programs at International Music Camp

If you’d really like to get away, consider the piano and organ programs for adults at the International Music Camp in North Dakota. The faculty includes a number of accomplished faculty members from the US and Canada, This program costs under $700, and you will have a number of interesting options:

  • You can earn the opportunity to work in the collaborative piano track with vocalists
  • You can begin to “double” on the organ if interested
  • Take multiple lessons with experienced faculty

When: June - August

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Piano Retreat At Endicott College

Much like the previously mentioned camps, the Piano Retreat welcomes adults to a week-long intensive piano festival. Students will take classes, study privately with professionals, perform for one another, and enjoy a social setting with other driven pianists. You will love the beautiful location on the water in Beverly, MA.

When: July

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Summer Jazz Workshop With James Aebersold

Every summer, James Aebersold hosts a week-long jazz music camp for adults at the University of Louisville. Attendees range from young adults to retired folks. The staff holds auditions on check-in day to play musicians in skill level-appropriate combos, and they enjoy music classes, rehearsals, live music, and jam sessions for the duration of the camp. The total cost for the week, if you stay on campus, is under $900.

When: July

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Music Camps For Adults at Interlochen Center For The Arts

Interlochen is well-known amongst pre-college instrumentalists, but did you know that they host yearly adult camps as well? Located in the beautiful Interlochen, Michigan, you can apply for wind band, chamber music, or chamber strings camps. They are a week long, and you will rehearse, practice, take private lessons with world class instructors, enjoy classes, and perform at the end of the week. Many adults turn this camp into an annual pilgrimage because they love it so much!

When: August

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Is It Worth Attending a Piano or Music Camp?

Yes, it’s generally worth your time to attend a camp if you want to improve on your instrument. Nothing will spur you onward like listening to your peers, performing for unfamiliar professionals, and spending time with other motivated pianists or instrumentalists. Furthermore, the ability to collaborate with other musicians on duets, chamber music, and more will make a lasting impression.

That said, you can create that experience without traveling to a distant camp. NYC is full of learning adult pianists, and students at David Chang Music love meeting each other and performing in a friendly environment.

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